Batten Down the Hatches!

In December, I provided a “Florida” update as to how the it was managing the Covid curse.  All in all it’s infection numbers were down and it seemed everything was looking rosy.  The Canada/US border had been opened and heading south for some R & R was now Snowbirds’ plan of action.  I provided one brief caveat: whether the “Omicron virus” would throw a wrench into the works.  See December article: The Florida Update December 2021.

Well, the Omicron virus certainly did just that.  It appears to be not as severe or deadly a virus strain as it’s Delta cousin.  It has though wreaked havoc – causing massive infections, flight cancellations, business absenteeism, and an increase in hospitalizations.  Florida, again, has become one of the worst states in North America for getting sick.

Florida is though somewhat fortunate to have lots of hospitals.  In fact, compared to Ontario, Canada, they have a plethora of places you can go for medical help.  Regardless of the increase in infections, those hospitalized with Covid presently take up only 10% of the ICU beds.  Of the COVID patients hospitalized in ICU – 67.52% had not been vaccinated and an additional 10% had only one shot.  The problem now though is how many people are testing positive – this leads to the fact they can’t work, go to school or in general need to hibernate until they are infection free.

As for Ontario, Canada – Premier Ford has prepared for the worst. Ontario does not have a plethora of hospitals as compared to Florida and since the Omicron is so contagious – hospitals can be quickly over-taxed.  The lockdown therefore (yet again) is underway.  Lastly, the Canadian Federal Government has continued its “no travel” advisories for literally the entire world. Lots of Bad News for Snowbirds! The COVID Curse

Can there be possibly be any good news?

If the “Oh My” virus is proven to be less severe and less deadly, this wave could be over very quickly; we could therefore expect the travel advisories to be lifted by the end of February.  Keep your fingers crossed.  



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