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In general, northern travellers (Snowbirds) and their families tend to be fairly well insured. Most have large private car insurance liability coverages; Personal Insurance Benefits (Accident Benefits); private accident and health benefit coverages; Visa, Mastercard, or Amex travel rewards coverages; Provincial, State, or Federal health plans; and Employer health and prescription plans. Need we say more!

Most hospitals are exceptionally efficient in dealing with local accident insurance programs. Unfortunately when dealing with private insurers from different states or provinces submitting claims becomes confusing. More importantly if hospital accounts are not submitted correctly, or in a timely fashion, a Hospital can find it is statute barred from being able to recover it’s account.

Cross Border Confidence helps Hospitals identify and process these cross border claims quickly. We make sure innocent accident victims insurers are properly advised, forms completed, and discharge from hospital is literally seamless.

Are “Snowbirds” Entitled to Motor Vehicle contractual Accident Benefits?
YES – Regardless of fault, nearly everyone injured in a Car accident throughout North America is entitled to some form of “Accident Benefits. Even in car accidents where pedestrians, bicyclists and passengers do not have their own car policy – medical and rehabilitation assistance can be extended to them.

Why are Motor Vehicle Contractual Accident Benefits so Important?
Accident Benefits assist in the immediate payment of hospital accounts. It allows hospital discharge planners and social workers to facilitate the injured party and their family’s return home. The benefits can also be accessed to ensure the appropriate home care is seamlessly available to facilitate rehabilitation.

Can a hospital access the injured parties Accident Benefits?
In general, an injured party is responsible to remit their claims to their insurance company. Hospitals therefore need to help an injured party and/or their family, to submit the appropriate forms. This is very important. When an accident happens most people are not sure what to do. Hospitals need to take the lead in helping their patients access the benefits. This ensures the medical care, treatment, and dishcharge is not interrupted.

Insurance priority issues also have to be considered. Most insurance policies have claim limits, and/or do not respond until certain requirements have been met. Some even demand to be advised within 3 – 7 days of a car accident.

In serious, catastrophic accidents we arrange for a health care professional from the injured person’s home state or province to attend at the hospital and co-ordinate the patients discharge home.

Two tips for Hospitals:

  1. Each State and Province has different Statutory time limits in which to bring a contractual insurance claim. If a Hospital does not bring a claim or action within the prescribed time period, it can be barred/prevented from doing so.
  2. Hospitals might be able to recover outstanding accounts in Tort and/or Contract – via “subrogation rights”.

Cross Border Accidents are complicated. Fortunately we can arrange for Hospitals to speak to some of the best Personal Injury Lawyers who work collaboratively throughout various jurisdiction to ensure a Hospitals legal claims and remedies are protected.

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