Snowbird’s involved in Accidents is the USA

Like the birds they emulate, Canadians are fond of migrating south for the winter, and who can blame them? Snowbirds find much to enjoy and appreciate in the Southern U.S.A.

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It should therefore come as no surprise that millions of people migrate to warm spots in the USA every year. Florida is considered one of the most popular southern destinations for snowbirds.

Ontario snowbirds need to know their car Insurance policies respond if they are involved in any type of car, motorcycle, truck or pedestrian accident in Continental North America.

Furthermore, each province has Statutory (contractual) Accident Benefits – provisions imposed by the province upon the private car insurers -to cover immediate expenses such as medical, rehabilitation and care benefits.  Ontario has levels of SABS that range from $2500, $60,000, $1,000,000, and $2,000,000.

In addition, most if not all Canadian car, truck and motorcycle liability policies include underinsured and uninsured coverage.  For example, most US States have very low mandatory liability insurance coverages available to compensate innocent victims:

  1. New York – $25,000
  2. Michigan (cat fund)
  3. Massachusetts – $20,000
  4. Pennsylvania – $15,000
  5. West Virginia – $20,000
  6. South Carolina – $25,000
  7. Georgia – $25,000
  8. Florida – $10,000

In comparison Ontario’s minimum limit is $200,000.

Another key factor is that Ontario Snowbirds no longer rely on Ontario health Insurance coverage to help them out in a catastrophic accident south of the border.  To say it nicely it is terribly in adequate.  Supplementary private emergency coverage is now the norm.

Snowbirds’ liability and rights if involved in an accident outside of Canada:

The state in which the accident happened dictates a claimants “Tort rights”. This references someone’s right to sue for pain and suffering and any financial losses.  “Contractual rights” such as private medical policies, and personal insurance benefits (SABS) remain in the province where the insurance policy was purchased. For example if a Canadian is involved in a Florida accident, Florida Tort law applies and the Canadian (Ontario) contractual rights remain in Canada.


    • if a Canadian snowbird is at fault for the accident substantial liability limits are available for injured parties to access.  This can include passengers, or other not at fault drivers & motorcyclists & pedestrians.
    • if the Canadian snowbird is not at fault or partially at fault and is injured by a  uninsured or uninsured driver, he or she can access their Canadian coverage to provide the compensation.
    • Please remember Ontario passengers have their own rights and remedies.  They too have Tort rights (they can sue);  and, Contractual rights they include undersinured motorist coverage and Statutory Accident Benefits.

Sound complicated?  It is.  Cross Border Accidents can be very challenging and very few lawyers understand the complexities involved.  This is where we come in.

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