Record High in Catastrophic Car Accidents Across North America Regardless of the fact that the pandemic and lockdowns have led to less traffic on most major highways, and therefore less accidents, the number of Snowbird ”catastrophic” accidents has increased.  The suggested reason, is people are driving faster.  Yes – speed kills!  This is exceptionally true when dealing with the major US thoroughfares Snowbirds use to head south to their favourite sunny destinations.

catastrophic car accident

Canada Snowbirds and US Snowbirds always have serious challenges while driving South.  Weather concerns being the number one issue. Most Snowbirds start to migrate in December and early January just when the terrible northern weather seems to be taking hold. In fairness, this year’s drive south was fraught with dramatic weather disruptions across the Western and Eastern seaboards.  For example one snowbird family while driving through the West Virginia mountains was involved in a terrible car accident.  They were caught in a terrible snow storm which resulted in a massive pileup of cars and trucks.  The result – they suffered catastrophic injuries and had to be evacuated by helicopter to a major US trauma facility. Police put the cause of the accident as someone driving too fast for the conditions.  

In addition, it seems with the pent up demand caused by Covid, Snowbird travel exploded. Everyone just wants to get out of the house and go somewhere. Unfortunately, people just driving too fast to get somewhere.


With the conclusion of the US and Canadian Colleges Spring breaks,  Snowbirds will soon be heading back north.  Hopefully the weather will not be as dramatic and they all benefit from safe travells.  As we know though this is not always possible.

Accidents do happen and some are more serious then others.  A catastrophic accident” is one that causes ‘catastrophic impairments’.  In Ontario Canada and most other jurisdictions, catastrophic injuries are categorized such as: 

  • Head injuries including brain damage or a traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a blow to the head or damage to the brain. Long-term injuries can include speech problems, mobility issues, concentration issues and memory loss. 
  • Spinal injuries including trauma to the spinal cord caused by a violent impact to the neck or back. Spinal injuries can be severe and lifelong, including paralysis, loss of motor function, weakness, and extreme pain. 
  • Serious disfigurement.
  • Amputations or loss of limb.
  • Internal injuries such as irreversible damage to major organs.
  • Loss of eyesight.

Our advice – slow down, drive safe and check the weather before heading out!

At we have been helping Canadians and US Snowbirds for over 35 years who have been involved in serious, catastrophic car accidents.  No matter where and how they happen, a serious accident can be devastating.

Just remember, every state and province has a multiplicity of laws that must be navigated. Injured travellers need legal advice as quickly as possible. We offer ease of mind if the “unthinkable” happens – Cross Border Accidents are complicated. Don’t hesitate, give us a call!


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