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Snowbird Confidence – Understanding car insurance, private health Insurance, and Cross Border Accidents. Need we say more?

At SnowbirdAccidents.com we have built a great reputation ensuring clients understand what to do if involved in an accident or incident while travelling across north america. When dealing with serious accidents we can help enlist some of the best Personal Injury Attorneys in North America. They understand Snowbirds’ who are involved in Cross Border Accidents or different types of insurance claims. 

Do you know how many Canadian and USA Snowbirds there are? Every winter approximately 4 million Canadian and Northern United States Residents travel south to escape the harsh cold weather. Unfortunately, this mass migration south sometimes leads to very serious accidents or incidents. Whether it is a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, or emergency medical incident in an unfamiliar state or province, very little can be more devastating and complicated.

In serious accidents or incidents you might need to acquire the expertise of an experienced lawyer both in your home state or province but as well as the state where the accident took place  This is where Snowbirdaccidents.com comes in – with over 35 years of experience we help place accident victims with some of the best Personal Injury Attorneys/Lawyers who understand this very complex and complicated area of Insurance Law.

  • Cross Border Confidence® and Snowbirdaccidents.com are International “Qualifying Referrers”.
  • We are not a law firm.
  • We are a USA corporation with headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, and offices in Toronto, Canada.
  • The member Personal Injury Attorneys and Lawyers do not represent Insurance Companies.
  • Each member Attorney and Lawyer is certified by their State or Provincial Bar Association.
  • No legal fees are paid or shared with Cross Border Confidence® or Snowbird Accidents LLC
  • We do not provide legal advice. That is the job of the Attorney or Lawyer.
  • The member Personal Injury Attorneys and Lawyers are leaders in their field and frequently deal with car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents.

Seal of Approval

All of our member Attorneys and Lawyers and Health Care Professionals receive the “Cross Border Confidence Seal of Approval”. This seal is only given to Professionals who routinely and expertly deal with snowbirds’ cross border accidents and incidents.

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