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Car insurance, Private Health Insurance, Statutory Accident Benefits and Cross Border Accidents. Can we say more?

Did you know there are approximately 4 million Canadian and USA “Snowbirds” that travel south every winter? Who can blame them for wanting to escape the harsh cold weather. Unfortunately, during this mass migration south, some snowbirds get into very serious car accidents. “Regardless of where and how an accident happens – it is never expected. When the unthinkable happens – we are in your corner.”

Joseph Pileggi is the CEO and originator of Cross Border Confidence, Snowbird Accidents, and its various derivative companies.  He presently resides both in Canada and the US. For over 35 years he worked with and was tutored by some of Canada’s best personal injury Lawyers: Earl Cherniak Q.C.; Ken Howie Q.C; and, Lawrence Mandel Q.C.  All three have at one time or another been members of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers.

Joseph was taught how important it is for US and Canadian legal counsel to work to together. It is the only way to ensure accident victims are fairly compensated regardless of where their Tort and contractual claims are to be enforced. In addition, the lawyers share one contingency fee based on the work performed.  From an injured victims position, they receive the services of two excellent legal counsel, all for the price of one.

Joseph became one of the most experienced Law Clerks in Canada both in the preparation and presentation of trials and arbitrations.  He dealt primarily with Catastrophic injury victims who suffered quadriplegia, paraplegia, brain injury and amputation. He also became a tremendous advocate on behalf of the disabled.  He was part of the “War Amputees of Canada’s” successful endeavour to have the Canadian Government re-compensate the Thalidomide drug victims. He was part of the first independent NHL arbitration on behalf of a disabled hockey player. He was part of the Canadian Residential Schools Class Action.

Some Notable Multi-Million Dollar cases Joseph was involved in:

Cho vs Cho – child abuse;

Cowles vs African Lion Safari – zoo owner’s responsibility for wild animals;

Crawford vs Simpson – car accident & innkeepers liability;

Hart vs Hart – Municipal Liability for non-repair of a highway

McErlean vs City of Brampton – Ontario’s first multi-million dollar personal injury award;

Pettey vs Avis Rent a Car (USA) – Canada’s very first Mary Carter agreement;

Robillard vs the City of Sudbury – near drowning in the City’s swimming class;

St. Louis vs Felecki – medical malpractice

Vecharelli vs the City of Vaughan – defective railing and inspection;

Woodcock vs Consumers Gas – Carbon Monoxide Poisoning;

MacDonald vs Travellers Insurance Company – Cross Border Accident and Michigan Catastrophic Claims Fund

Vetter Vs Allstate Insurance Company – Michigan Catastrophic Claims Fund

  • Cross Border Confidence® and Snowbirdaccidents.com are International “Qualifying Referrers”.
  • We are not a law firm.
  • We are a USA corporation with headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, and offices in Toronto, Canada.
  • The Personal Injury Attorneys and Lawyers are certified by their respective State or Provincial Bar Association.
  • No legal fees are paid or shared with Cross Border Confidence® or Snowbird Accidents LLC
  • We do not provide legal advice. That is the job of the Attorney or Lawyer.
  • The Personal Injury Attorneys and Lawyers recommended by us are leaders in their field and frequently deal with catastrophic car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents. They all have special expertise dealing with quadriplegia, paraplegia, serious brain injury and amputation claims.

Seal of Approval

Cross Border Certified” and the “Snowbird Approved” Seal of Approvals are available to Professionals who routinely and expertly deal with snowbirds’ cross border accidents. You can feel confident the Attorneys and Health Care companies recommended by us are some of the very best in North America. Any lawyer, attorney, or law firm is welcome to apply to us for certification to receive our Approval.

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Joseph Pileggi
Snowbird (Car) Accident Specialist