Canadian car accidents in New York, USA. Finding a Injury lawyer.

New York State borders Ontario, Canada’s most populous province. It shares North America’s most visited natural wonder – Niagara Falls, two of the great lakes, and the Niagara and St. Lawrence Rivers. There are multiple border crossings, all of which allow tourists and commerce to travel back and forth.  

New Yorkers and Canadians also share harsh cold snowy winters.  They account for most snowbirds who head south to Florida for the winter. They are major purchasers of Floridian property.

Interestingly, cross-border accidents are very common between the two jurisdictions. For anyone involved in a New York car accident, they have three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit against those responsible.

New York is a no-fault car insurance state. In Ontario, the Statute of Limitations for motor vehicle accidents is two years.

New York Serious Injury Threshold

Yes, you can sue in New York. Canadians can bring a lawsuit in New York for personal injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident if they pass the New York serious injury threshold. You need to be:

  1. a) suffering a serious disfigurement, or 
  2. b) a fractured bone, or
  3. c) a permanent serious impairment, or
  4. d) a significant limitation of use of your body, or 
  5. e) be substantially-fully disabled for 90 days

This is a complicated test and claimants need to speak to qualified personal injury lawyer in New York to decide whether they meet any of the requirements. Conversely, Ontario has a more stringent verbal and monetary threshold.

New York Car Insurance Limits

Most New Yorkers are insured but the minimum liability limit is $25,000 per incident. In most instances, Canadians will have to make a claim on their own car policy for underinsured. In general, Canadians have much better car insurance coverage when comparing the two jurisdictions.

Importantly, regardless of fault, or wherever the accident happened, New Yorkers have contractual (PIP) accident benefits. Similarly, Canadians have accident benefits which must be claimed in the province they purchased their car insurance policy.

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For 35 years, Snowbird Accidents has been assisting Canadian Snowbirds and US Snowbirds involved in car accidents and other personal injury accidents across North America. Very few lawyers and attorneys understand the complexity of cross-border accidents. After a serious New York car accident, you will probably need a New York lawyer, and for Canadians, an additional lawyer in their home province. To properly protect your rights and remedies, it’s crucial that these lawyers work collaboratively.

Snowbird Accidents has been helping seriously injured Canadian Snowbirds and US Snowbirds get the treatment and care they need. This way, you can recover from your injuries and access fair compensation for your losses. In addition, we understand it is not only you who may require assistance but also your loved ones.

Snowbird Accidents arranges for you to speak to some of the best personal injury lawyers in New York and/or Canada, who are experienced with cross-border accidents. They work collaboratively throughout North America with other lawyers and attorneys to protect you and your family’s legal rights and remedies.

What Should You Do If You’re Involved in An Accident?

  • Your top priority is always the health and safety of you and your family. Be sure to seek out medical attention immediately.
  • Make sure the police are contacted.
  • If possible, take a picture of the other driver’s licence and insurance, and a picture of the licence plate.
  • Call your insurance company and report the accident.
  • Contact the Snowbird Helpline as soon as possible for advice.

When You’re Searching For Personal Injury Lawyers In New York, Snowbird Accidents Recommends

Terrence M. Connors was born on October 18, 1946, in New York, NY. Admitted to the bar in 1973, he undertook his preparatory and legal education at Canisius College and the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law.

Organizations – Fraternities, Memberships, Fellowships:

  • Upstate New York American College of Trial Lawyers (Fellow, former State Chair)
  • New York Bar Foundation (Fellow)
  • Represents Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo as Special Counsel for litigation matters and awarded membership in the Order of the Knights of St. Gregory by Pope John Paul II
  • Chair of Transition Team of Buffalo Mayor Anthony M. Masiello
  • Elmwood Franklin School (Board of Trustees)
  • Buffalo Police Athletic League (Trustee)
  • Greater Buffalo Savings Bank (Founding Director)
  • By appointment, served on two Commissions of the Chief Judge for the State of New York, the Honorable Judith S. Kaye
  • Member of the Committee on Character & Fitness for the Eighth Judicial District of the State of New York
  • Served on several Merit Selection Panels that screen federal and state judicial candidates
  • Erie County Bar Assn (Board of Directors)
  • Western New York Trial Lawyers Assn (Board of Governors)
  • The Legal Aid Bureau, Inc. (Board of Directors)
  • University of Buffalo School of Law (Instructor, Trial Technique Program)
  • Named Distinguished Alumnus for the Private Practice of Law for the University of Buffalo School of Law, 1994
  • Listed in Best Lawyers in America, 1987, (business litigation, personal injury, malpractice, and criminal law)

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