How We Help!

For thirty five years we have been assisting Canadian’s involved in car accidents in the USA.

Every year millions of Snowbirds (Canadians and Northern US Residents) migrate south to escape the harsh, cold winter weather. Unfortunately while travelling to their favourite southern destinations, Snowbirds sometimes get into very serious car accidents. Any accident at anytime can be devastating. It can be terribly overwhelming in an unfamiliar state.

This is where we come in. Cross Border Car Accidents are exceptionally complicated. Very few Lawyers understand the complexity of cross border accidents. After a serious accident, an Attorney is needed in the state where the accident happened, and in your home province. Lawyers and Attorneys need to work collaboratively to ensure your rights and remedies are properly protected.

Free consultation and Contingency fee arrangements:

I) Most Personal Injury Lawyers and Attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means they only get paid when they collect for you either through settlement, arbitration, or trial. In other words, they achieve results or you are not charged for their services.

II) The state you were injured in and/ the state or province where your insurance contractual rights reside, determines how Attorney fees are to be paid. This should be fully discussed prior to retaining legal counsel.

Any Law firm, Lawyer, and Attorney we recommend, has shown they have the knowledge and experience you can trust when faced with the challenge of a Cross Border Accident. In most instances you can deal directly with them by going to their website. As an alternative you are welcome to complete the contact form or even better give us a call.

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