American Civil War!

While travelling along I-95 or I-75 you might want to make a few stops and visit some important US landmarks.  Type in “Battlefield” on your Google Maps.  You will be amazed what comes up.


Very few of us can really fathom the horror the United States went through when declaring war on each other over the issue of “slavery”.  The result was the bloodiest civil war in modern history.  The philosophical remnants have left lasting scars regardless of what side of the line you stood on.  As one famous scholar stated: “The civil war was probably inevitable.  Unfortunately, regardless of the fact the south lost, no one really stopped fighting.”   

The battlefields remain solemn places.  US historical foundations and various Federal and State agencies have preserved the battlefields so that historical tours and visits can be made.  Without a doubt, they are worth a visit.  Here are a few battlefields with excellent museums and tours the entire family would enjoy.

  1. The Gettysburg battlefield, in Pennsylvania has been wonderfully preserved.  It was General Robert E. Lee’s high water mark of the South’s invasion into the north before being turned back.  The North won this pivotal battle.  It is also where President Abraham Lincoln made his famous “Gettysburg Address”.
  2. The Battle of Antietam’s 160th anniversary is coming up.  On 17 September 1862, General Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia met Major General George B. McClellan and the Army of the Potomac in what became the most brutal battle of the American Civil War.  Over 23,000 soldiers were killed, with over 75,000 wounded.  Antietam remains the USA’s bloodiest single day of battle to date. The battlefield is located just outside of Sharpsburg, Maryland.
  3. Lets not forget Tennessee – (If you want a great read pick up the book – The Thrilling Adventures of Captain Dan Ellis.  A northern officer in a state that was literally half south and half north.)  Tremendous historical battles since it was looked on as a gateway to the north or the south – just depending which way you were going.

Visiting these battlefields is an educational endeavour worth pursuing (we don’t want to make the same mistake twice).  Here is a very good educational web site, well presented for your review.  You can even subscribe if you want.


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