Canadian Drivers Receiving U.S. Traffic Tickets: What You Need to Know.

Canadian Drivers Receiving U.S. Traffic Tickets


Understanding the Impact of U.S. Traffic Tickets on Canadian Drivers and their Car Insurance

Receiving a traffic ticket in the United States as a Canadian driver can lead to various consequences. These consequences can vary based on your home province and the state where you received the ticket. Here’s what you need to know:

Reciprocal Agreements:

Each province shares reciprocal traffic enforcement agreements with every other province. Some Canadian provinces, like Ontario and Quebec, have reciprocal agreements regarding traffic tickets with U.S. States that border them. Ontario has reciprocal agreements with Michigan and New York. Québec has reciprocal agreements with New York and Maine. British Columbia has a reciprocal agreement with Washington State. This is not to be confused with various US/CDN insurance treaties that deal with more significant issues such as car insurance, car accidents, dangerous driving, licensing, unlicensed/suspended drivers, and the enforcement of judgments, etc.

US States with No Traffic Ticket Reciprocal Agreement with a Particular Canadian Province:

You have to remember that a lot of traffic violations really do not matter, especially if they do not result in a car accident and there is no monetary or physical harm to anyone. In most instances, there is no reciprocal agreement between states and provinces. The traffic laws of the jurisdiction where the infraction took place are where the penalty is to be finalized.

Mailing in a Guilty Plea or Pleading Innocent:

If your minor traffic violation took place in the USA and you are guilty, most states allow you to mail in your guilty plea to the courts. Additionally, you can include a separate letter explaining the circumstances and respectfully request a lower fine.

More Serious Charges:

If you receive a speeding ticket that constitutes a dangerous driving charge and you are convicted, expect the conviction to be reported to your Canadian province. It could also be made known to your insurance company.

Any U.S. Traffic Ticket:

Even if your province has no reciprocal agreements, unpaid U.S. traffic tickets can lead to consequences. In Ontario, your driver’s license may be suspended for failing to pay foreign judgments.

Entering the USA with Unpaid Tickets:

If you have unpaid traffic tickets from any US state, it may cause difficulties when returning to the US by car.

Specific State Implications:

It’s essential to understand that the consequences of a U.S. traffic ticket can vary significantly depending on the specific state where you received the ticket.

Concluding Notes:
In conclusion, the impact of U.S. traffic tickets on Canadian drivers is based on several factors, including reciprocal agreements, specific state regulations, and the nature of the offense.

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