Canadian Car Accidents in the USA with Family Pets

What to do if you have been in a car accident with your dog or cat?

Accidents and illnesses happen. Just like people, pets can be injured and/or need immediate medical care. Car accidents are no different. As a means of caution, pets need to be secured in a car similar to people. There are a plethora of methods to help protect your pets in a car. Pet Valu has quite a few safety items you might want to consider while travelling.

In a car accident, make sure you alert the 911 dispatcher that you have a pet(s) in your car. Every emergency service, at one time or another has dealt with car accidents involving dogs and other family pets. State Patrols are amazing as to how they can help mobilize aid from local authorities. Google is also a big help. Search engines are a great help for finding the closest emergency veterinarian service.

Moving Injured Animals:

If a car accident happens, if at all possible, pull over safely to the side of the road and immediately put on your hazard lights. Remember the safest place for everyone, is to stay in your car until the state troopers or emergency services arrive. If you need to exit the car, check to make sure you can do so safely. To check your dogs, go to the side of the car on the shoulder of the road. Make sure your dogs are leashed, secured, and cannot slip out of collars prior to letting them out. You do not want to open a door or a back hatch and have them jump out into traffic.

Large towels can be used to wrap injured dogs to help immobilize them. Towels can also be used to keep them warm, and prevent them from escaping and running. Your dog might also be panicked and terrified. When attempting to touch them they might snap or bite at you.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Pet Accident Injuries?

In most instances no. However, there are a few auto insurance companies that offer coverage for veterinary fees for pets injured in a car accident. I was also advised that a few personal auto policies include free coverage for pet injuries and will cover vet bills up to a specified limit. If you travel regularly with pets in your vehicle, it’s a good idea to see what coverage your insurer provides, and whether it can be purchased as an option.

Private Pet Insurance

If you have a pet insurance policy, check what emergency coverage your policy offers. Most offer coverage at any emergency veterinary hospital, including centers for after-hours treatment.

As always, we do not wish this upon you, but if it happens, contact us for assistance. We have been helping travelers across North America for over 25 years.


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