The Florida Update December 2021:

Presently and happily, Florida has the lowest Covid count in the entire USA.  I can only surmise there has to be some correlation with “indoor activities and infection” – being outdoors seems to be the cure. With Florida and some of the other southern states being able to boast so many sunny beautiful days they certainly have a distinct advantage over those of us who live up north. In addition 85% of Floridians over 65 have been fully vaccinated.  Hopefully the omicron-covid won’t throw a wrench into the mix.

As always Florida theme-parks are popular destinations for Snowbirds and families. tourist season As a special draw for 2022, Orlando’s Disney World is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary, and a spanking brand new “Peppa Pig Theme Park” is opening in February.

“The Snowbird holiday season is going to be strong for Florida,” said Casandra Matej, president and CEO of “Visit Orlando“.  Advance bookings for Orlando Hotels for Christmas and New Years are in and around 95% as compared to holidays in 2019.  “As we look ahead, bookings for January and February are triple the volume we saw at this time last year,” Matej said.

Across Florida, vacation rentals are also trending over 42% higher than 2019.  Here is an article about the Florida rental rush: The Florida “Vacation” Rental Crisis.  Its not too late but as “snowbird” season approaches expect to pay more.


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