The US/Canada Border is open – Heading to Disney World?

Get ready to reach into your pocket book. The cost of a Disney World vacation has soared more than 3,000 percent since 1971. When the Florida theme park first opened 50 years ago, a one-day admission pass per person cost $3.50 USD. Today, that same pass is as much as $159 USD per person ( $200 CDN subject to what exchange rate your bank gives you). Disney has a conglomeration of parks so the cost per visit can go down depending on the popularity of the park you wish to visit. There are also discounted family passes. The increase is more than five times that of the consumer price index.

Comparing it to 50 years ago is not necessarily fair, but for the average family of 4 this becomes a significant luxury expenditure – especially if you want to stay on the grounds, which I whole heartedly suggest you do. Disney World is a real life, beautiful kept, exceptionally clean, little world that stands out as a gem in this crazy world. Covid protocols are in place.

Get ready for the shock. Staying on the grounds as compared to 50 years ago has risen as well (surprise, surprise). If you want to stay on the property Rooms at the Polynesian and Contemporary Resorts (the two original Disney hotels) cost somewhere between $453 to $921USD a night. Wow, only $29 in 1970. Where is the Doc and Marty McFly when you need them.

A last tidbit, Disney also used to offer free resort parking and complimentary shuttles from the airport, but those perks have been eliminated. Oh, well, it is a trip of the lifetime, just make sure you take the kids when they are old enough to go and appreciate it. The nightly firework extravaganza is unbelievable.

P.S don’t forget there are great water parks and the Epcot centre remains a place you want to see. Oh, yeah, then there is Universal and Harry Potter-ville.


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