“Covid” Travel Insurance

Snowbird Season is quickly approaching:

Canadian health care coverage such as OHIP is ridiculously inadequate if you are involved in an emergency medical and hospital situation in the US. Snowbird Accident recommends you purchase for each family member, private medical and hospital coverage when travelling outside of Canada. 

The Covid dilemma: Make sure you speak to your insurance broker. Most private insurance policies are excluding covid related illnesses. If you find an insurer that includes covid related illnesses expect the premium to be exorbitant and/or the $ amount for covid related (medical/hospital) expenses exceptionally limited. It is probable most policies will also exclude coverage if your travelling to high risk areas – such as Florida and other southern states. 

Lastly, insurers want to eliminate risk prior to writing a policy. They will ask whether you are fully or partially vaccinated. It is doubtful unvaccinated or partially vaccinated persons will be able to get a private health policy that covers them for a covid related problem.  

Here is a headline out of Florida. Courtesy of the Florida Hospital Association – August 18th, 2021. Nearly 2500 COVID-19 Patients On Ventilators In Florida.

The Palm Beach County Commission declared a state of emergency and is requiring local hospitals to report daily data — the Florida Hospital Association released crisis-level statistics.

According to the FHA, 2,494 COVID-19 patients in Florida are so sick that they are on ventilators. At least 16,521 hospital patients have confirmed COVID-19. Only 14.2 percent of all hospital beds in the State of Florida are now available. Just 8.2 percent of all ICU beds for adults are available.Of all hospital patients in Florida, 36.1 percent are suffering from COVID-19.While hospitalizations continue to increase, three out of four Florida hospitals expect to face critical staff shortages in the next seven days.The Florida Hospital Association represents more than 200 hospitals across Florida.95% of covid hospitalizations are amongst the unvaccinated.  

Our advice though remains the same. If you are fully vaccinated purchasing some extra travel insurance protection is a good idea. As for the unvaccinated, put on a mask, and get vaccinated. Otherwise you can’t afford to TRAVEL!


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