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Hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Florida have increased from just 2,000 people at the end of June 2021 to almost 9,000 as of July 28, 2021, a spike that is putting stress on hospitals and counties across the state.

“The virus has a new target: the unvaccinated and younger people,” wrote Mary C. Mayhew, president and CEO of Florida Hospital Association, in a release on Wednesday. “Previously healthy people from their teens to their 40s are now finding themselves in the hospital and on a ventilator. Regardless of your age, get vaccinated, if eligible! What you heard last year and last spring about this virus mostly targeting seniors and those with pre-existing conditions is not true today.”

hospitalizations in florida

What can we say, but this is going on across the southern US states in areas where vaccinations rates are low.

What’s fascinating is the statistics as to who is the most vulnerable for this deadly Delta Covid virus strain: Fully vaccinated people are presently weathering the storm with the majority of hospitalizations (95%) being amongst the non-vaccinated.

USA Vaccination rates vary with two pressing facts: level of Education, and how much money you have. Eighty percent of financially well off, and well educated people (including republicans, democrats, and various religions), have at least one shot in their arm. As levels of education, and financial status lowers, so too does the vaccination rate – and of course your risk of catching covid, hospitalization, and sadly dying.

Unfortunately there are also “Break Out cases” – those who are fully vaccinated, get infected and shed the virus. Therefore even the vaccinated need to take precautions. Wear a mask and avoid crowds. We can only hope this present Covid surge does not ruin (again) our Snowbird season – be an advocate for “vaccinations” and help get out of this mess. It is the only to back to “normal”.


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