Surveillance Cameras And Their Use In Car Accident Cases

Who knows why, but it seems that every single car driver in Florida believes a red traffic light means speed up. Forget Covid, the real epidemic is colour blindness.

That is why surveillance and traffic cameras are becoming more and more helpful when determining fault for a catastrophic or serious car accident. It seems that with so many surveillance cameras, traffic cameras, dashboard cameras, and cell phones, someone or something has the incident digitally captured. What is also impressive is the clarity of the images that these devices can now produce. Digital images are not those old grey, grainy images that seem to always accompany a Big Foot sighting. They are now crisp, clear, high-definition images with zoom capabilities.

Surveillance Cameras & Traffic Cameras

This is true of traffic cameras. Located across most of North America, cities and states are now eliminating manned toll booths and instead installing high-definition cameras capable of clearly distinguishing licence plates. Let’s not forget about red-light cameras. Municipalities have found these cameras a great way to bring in cash and help punish errant drivers. If only Florida had more of them!

From a car owner’s perspective, you are obligated to pay the fine whether you were the one driving or not. If your car was involved in running a red light, you will receive a picture in the mail along with a ticket. Your insurer will not be notified, and you are not supposed to be concerned about your insurance going up as a result.

In car accidents, red-light cameras are invaluable tools to prove or exonerate a particular party.

In one particular case, police officers were involved in a horrible car accident. The officers were on an emergency call with sirens and lights enabled. As they went through an intersection (supposedly on a green light), the defendant driver, who was from Texas, struck the police vehicle broadside on the passenger side. The plaintiff police officer who was a passenger suffered severe brain damage. Of interest, the accident was videoed by a bystander who had pulled out his phone when he heard the siren.

How Can You Obtain Traffic Camera Footage? 

In serious, catastrophic claims, obtaining video surveillance can be crucial. Most lawyers are familiar with the process of contacting cities and road authorities to obtain copies. It is important to act quickly because the video is often erased after a certain period of time.

Speaking from experience, in a serious car accident a site visit is almost mandatory. Not only does it allow the personal injury lawyer to understand the mechanisms of the accident, but also allows a visual inspection of the surrounding areas. A thorough check might help to locate road and security cameras. Once found, sending a letter to the owner or custodian of the video evidence is usually sufficient for obtaining a copy or preserving the evidence. Should an action go to trial, the videographer will have to be subpoenaed to attend and bring the original footage with them.

When a trial takes place, the video evidence is presented to the Judge and Jury. Just like a football game, the jurors will be able to watch the accident occur in real-time.

Snowbird Accidents Can Help Connect You With The Best Personal Injury Lawyers

That’s why speaking with a car accident personal injury lawyer who practices in the state or province the accident occurred in is so crucial. They will have the answers to any questions you may have.

Our endorsed team of personal injury lawyers will be able to walk you through the insurance process, advise you about what next steps you can take, and ensure your rights and remedies are protected. Together, we will help you obtain the best post-accident care available.


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