As Hurricane Ian left, a new problem arose!

The spread of mold.

On September 28, Hurricane Ian attacked Florida with a vengeance.  Described as a Category 4 storm, it huffed and puffed and blew a swath of damage across Florida.  

Hurricane Ian also forced the Gulf of Mexico to surge inland.  There were reports the Storm caused surges in excess of 12 feet.  This left many houses and cars submerged in water until the storm passed.  Rivers, dams and drainage canals were quickly overwhelmed, taking days to drain away the excess moisture.

Immediately after the storm, Florida had clear skies and temperatures that rose into the 80s.  Unfortunately, Floridians whose homes had been submerged or suffered water damage now had a new nemesis to deal with – mold and bacteria had found a perfect opportunity to seed and multiply.

For those of us who are not familiar with mold, it poses serious health risks.  First of all it is not easy to stop or remove.  Drywall, insulation, and wood are exceptionally good hosts.  If they stay wet for any period of time, the fungus finds a place to live and multiply.  In some instances the fungus and mold can be quickly noticed by way of stains on walls, ceilings and floors.  Secondly it gives off a dank, musty odour.

spread of mold

“All it takes is for a flood-laden house to sit soggy for 24 to 48 hours for mold spores to set in and rapidly flourish undetected throughout the structure – from baseboards to cabinets to even linens and behind the walls, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). “  

Fungus, and Black Mold in particular is not something you want to have in your house.  The spores smell.  When inhaled it can cause allergic reactions, and in some cases severe lung damage.  The CDC, has a pamphlet which outlines some of the health risks.  

“The tile floor had this black, slimy mud on them and the carpets — you walk over them and squish, squish, squish and the smell was pretty bad,” Cape Coral resident Jim Sanville told WMTW-TV. “The mold was starting to reproduce.”

“Everything that got water is starting to mold,” Jeff Rioux, of the Gulf Coast city of Bonita Springs, told The Associated Press. “We’re cutting all the drywall out, 2 feet up, trying to get things dried out to save the house and to protect it from more damage.”

And it spreads quickly: “If your home has been flooded and has been closed up for several days, assume your home has mold,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says, advising flood victims to “completely dry everything, clean up the mold, and make sure you don’t still have a moisture problem.”  In extreme infestations it can make your house uninhabitable or unsellable.  A problem many Floridians are now grappling with.  

Do you have the right home owners insurance coverage to help with this terrible problem?  Does Home insurance cover mold?  Do you have flood insurance?  What happens if the mold is caused by the damage to my roof and not from flooding?    

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