Snowbird News – Facts and Trivia

Snowbird Facts

  1. Every year from November to April, millions of Canadian and northern USA residents migrate to the sunshine states.
  2. Florida has an estimated one million seasonal residents who stay a month or more every winter, raising the state’s population about 5 percent.
  3. That figure doesn’t include tourists:  Florida’s tourism industry was responsible for welcoming 122 million visitors in 2021, representing a 54 percent increase from 2020.  
  4. In 2019, Florida visitors contributed $96.5 billion to Florida’s economy and supported over 1.6 million Florida jobs.
  5. About 145,000 snowbirds flock to Palm Beach County in the winter, raising the population about 11 percent, according to the county’s figures.
  6. Wellington, Florida is the equestrian capital of the world.
  7. In Jupiter, roosting snowbirds boost the winter population by an estimated 17 percent, Delray Beach by 14%, Boynton Beach and palm beach gardens by 11%, and The Town of Palm Beach’s population soars by an extra 75 percent.
  8. Florida is the ONLY mainland State that is reliably not freezing in January.
  9. Canadian Snowbirds migration ebbs and flows with currency exchange rates. Since 2000, the exchange rate has fluctuated from a high of 1.60 US $, to par.  Presently the exchange rate is $1.348.  This could curtail Canadians from travelling south.

Florida Accident Stats:  

  1. Florida has more uninsured and underinsured drivers than any other state in the USA.
  2. According to figures from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, more accidents occur during Florida’s winter months than any other time of the year which directly correlates with Snowbird migration, ie after the US thanksgiving to March 31. 
  3. Florida experiences the highest number of car accidents in December and January.
  4. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes Hwy I-95 in Florida as the most dangerous highway segment in the United States, with 1.73 fatal auto accidents per mile. 

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