Heading to Florida?

As “vaccines” rollout and Covid wanes consumers are opening up their pocket books and planning trips across North America.  The Canadian and US border is expected to open in days, albeit to those who are fully vaccinated. (We are only recommending those who are fully vaccinated travel.) 

snowbirds who are vaccinated

Things to consider prior to heading south:

Last year the US tourist industry was literally on life support. Temporary interstate travel restrictions and quarantine requirements inhibited vacationers. The spectacular USA vaccine roll-out has given “a shot in the arm” to the travel industry.

1) Florida remains a conundrum:  
It is one of the great tourist areas in the world and has been one of the least restrictive states when it comes to pandemic-related regulation.  The Orlando area attractions such as Disney, Universal and SeaWorld have all remained open but with strict Covid protocols and limited capacity.    Florida as a “tourist destination” attracted vacationers and snowbirds where they became infected with the virus. As they returned home, taking the virus with them, they infected unsuspecting friends and family.  These covid facts never showed up as a Florida stat, but rather in the state or province the carriers returned to.  

2) Unfortunately only 50% of Floridians have availed themselves of a “shot”, with at least 33% expressing a complete lack of interest in ever getting it.  This malaise is also effecting most southern US states who now have the worst vaccination rates in relation to the rest of the USA.  It is expected these southern states will therefore be more susceptible to covid and its’ variants. 

3) Its the anti-vaxers that are slowing down the US economy and who continue to prolong the pandemic. As one Florida emergency room Doctor said, “everyone in ICU with covid now has in thing in common – they were never vaccinated”.  How sad!

4) The Florida government, to its credit, is doing everything it can to get people vaccinated.  It realized providing vaccinations to residents, (and tourists) is the way to return to normal. Some Miami hotels will arrange for you to get vaccinated literally in your room.  The Florida Covid vaccine web portal is probably one of the best in North America.  You can book your reservation time and choose the vaccine you want in minutes.  It even passed health regulations allowing “anyone” entering the state who supports a business to be eligible for a vaccine.  “Put some Florida gas in your car and your eligible”.

5) As a Snowbird there is only one answer: if you and your family are fully vaccinated Florida is a wonderful place to be. If not stay away.