Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 – Cross the US/Canada Border with Confidence.

The USA and Canada’s shared border opened on November 8th, albeit for “fully vaccinated*” travellers.

Whether you are heading north or south, “fully vaccinated” travellers, still have some considerations that must be adhered to. For example both countries insist on verifiable proof of your vaccination status. Make sure you bring paper copies of whatever you are going to rely on. Having the info in your phone is great but do not expect QR codes to be acceptable.

This is exceptionally complicated but – don’t leave home without it. Regardless of where your going, or even how long the trip is, once you leave your respective country you need to have private emergency health travel insurance. Most Insurance companies and Brokers can help you find a policy that suits your needs. Suffice it to say, even if you are fully vaccinated your not completely protected from the Covid virus and as a fact you will inevitably come in contact with someone who is not vaccinated and/or infected.

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Be careful.  Be safe.  Regardless of what you read in the media, a very large minority of US citizens refuse to be vaccinated. In particular the southern and mid western states have the lowest vaccination rates in north america and are in the latter stages of a fourth wave. It is inevitable there will be a fifth wave.

Unfortunately the virus dominates in the very states snowbirds want to travel to. Here are the rules: Mask up, wash your hands, try to stay outdoors and hang out with friends who are fully vaccinated. Don’t take risks. It is not necessary.

Fully vaccinated US travellers have been able to enter Canada since July 2021. As of Sept. 21, Canada allowed fully vaccinated world travellers to enter. To facilitate entry the Canadian government had an app called “ArriveCAN”.  It is available both as a mobile android or ios app: download the ArriveCAN app or access ArriveCAN online here

All individuals entering Canada regardless of mode, are required to use the “ArriveCan” app, and have evidence within the last 72 hours that they are Covid free. Presently the only accepted Covid test is a PCR. The antigen test is not approved.  Expect the testing requirements to change but for now it is a requirement for entry.

Travellers entering the country are to submit the following information to ArriveCAN before boarding their flight or arriving at a land border crossing:

  • travel and contact information
  • quarantine plan
  • COVID-19 symptom self-assessment and a recent (within 72 hours) Covid PCR Test Result
  • if travelling by air, the trip reference code
  • Vaccination information

Once you submit your information, ArriveCAN will email a receipt to you.

Upon arrival – you will be required to show your ArriveCAN receipt to a border officer and proof of the negative Covid PCR test.

4. *The definition of “fully vaccinated” – Canada and the US define “fully vaccinated” as those who have had the full regiment of: Moderna; Astra Zeneca; Pfizer; the mixing of the vaccines; and, the one shot Johnson and Johnson.