Hey Snowbirds – Be careful driving through Michigan

For those of us who cross the border at Sarnia or Windsor all I can say is be careful.  Around 45% to 50% of Michigan residents remain unvaccinated and the covid-19 infection rate has shot off the chart.  

The situation in Michigan is presently as dire as it has ever been since the start of the pandemic.  Michigan has reported a near 20% positivity rate this past week.  The virus is spreading amongst the unvaccinated like wildfire.  One suggestion is the colder weather drove people indoors creating perfect “infection conditions“.  Why more people have not gotten vaccinated is beyond me”, says Detroit native – Jerome Blackstock, “it comes to a point where you just can’t feel sorry for them.”  

The duration of this Michigan surge and the speed of infection has overwhelmed the Michigan Hospital system. 

covid19 cases in michigan

This covid surge has far surpassed anything Michigan ever saw before – being described as a “seemingly never-ending covid infection peak”.  Michigan on Tuesday reported its second straight week of ultra high COVID-19 cases with an increase of 13% more Hospitalized covid patients. 

covid19 hospitalizations in michigan

As a last word of advice, fill your tank up in Ontario and drive right through Michigan.  If you have to stop make sure you wear a mask and wash your hands.  

As I write this, Florida has one of the lowest infection rates in North America.


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