How we Select the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for you

How we Select the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for you

We have some very simple criteria: First of all we believe in Justice, Responsibility, and Jurisprudence – Law and Lawyers for the People. (JRJLaw and JRJLawyers)

  • We look for some of the very best personal injury lawyers and attorneys who are legal leaders in their respective state or province;
  • The lawyers are experts in their respective legal field whom we would have no hesitation in hiring should we be involved in a serious catastrophic accident;
  • All of our listed personal injury lawyers are certified by their respective State Bar association and/or Provincial Law Society;
  • The majority of the lawyers listed are members of the International Trial academy – one of the most prestigious legal academy’s in North America;
  • Our listed personal injury lawyers understand how complex tort and contractual matters are when dealing with multiple legal jurisdictions.  They act in collaboration with other lawyers to make sure your rights and remedies are protected;
  • Most peer-reviewed organizations are based on advertising revenues so beware – we understand how this is manipulated to mislead you.  
  • No legal fees are paid to us in order to be included in our list;
  • Don’t be mislead – Very few Personal Injury lawyers have ever done a trial.  Mediations and arbitrations are important, but our listed lawyers are all “trial hardened”.  They do everything they can to keep you out of the court room, but if need be, they are exceptionally prepared to represent you in all legal forums; and,
  • Our listed lawyers and law firms have the financial resources to properly represent you.

In general, every US States allow personal injury lawyers to advertise and market their legal services.  They are though subject to the same advertising rules and restrictions governed by their respective governing law body. However, some states have specific rules and regulations governing advertising by personal injury lawyers. For example, when you see who recommends you can go directly to their website to review their credentials and client review.  As always, the hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon TV or print advertisements, but rather common sense and your own research. Remember – Justice, Responsibility, Jurisprudence – Laws and Lawyers for the people .com and .ca

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Cross Border accidents are complicated.  We can help make sure your rights and remedies are protected.  Don’t leave home without us – Your life is priceless! Contact the or go directly to Always there to help – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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