How we Select the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for you

When we look for members, we enlist personal injury lawyers and attorneys who are familiar with Cross Border Accidents and Canadian Snowbirds.

  • Our members are all personal injury lawyers certified by their respective bar association and provincial Law Society.  All lawyers in North America have governing bodies.  The certification process is vigorous.  
  • Our members understand complex tort and contractual matters are when dealing with multiple legal jurisdictions.  They act in collaboration with other lawyers to make sure your Tort and Contractual rights and remedies are protected.  
  • Most peer-reviewed organizations are based on advertising revenues so beware – we understand how this is manipulated to mislead you;
  • Don’t be mislead – Very few Personal Injury lawyers have ever done a trial.  Mediations and arbitrations are important, but our members are all “trial hardened”.  They do not back down from insurance companies.  
  • Our members do everything they can to keep you out of the court room, but if need be, they are exceptionally prepared to represent you in all legal forums;
  • Our members provide you with a thorough explanation (in writing) so you can understand the state or provinces legal fees and disbursements.  
  • Our members have the financial resources to properly represent you; and,
  • Your case and life is where you live – our members can meet or communicate with you in person.

best personal injury lawyer

Cross Border accidents are complicated.  We do everything we can to make sure your rights and remedies are protected both where you live, and where the accident happened.  Don’t leave home without us – Your life is priceless!