Canada to open its border to “fully vaccinated” US citizens

Beginning August 9, only fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents of the United States will be permitted to enter Canada.  This does not pertain to other countries. Non-essential travel into Canada has been banned since March 2020, something the Canadian government said was necessary to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Canadians (whether fully vaccinated or not) will be allowed to enter the USA.  Expect air travel to continue Covid protocols such as the wearing of masks on the flights.

At the time of entry to Canada – US citizens need to download the “ArriveCan” app. You will need to upload your information and proof of vaccination. You will also need to provide a negative Covid test (taken within three days of time entry) to prove you are Covid free.If you are not fully Vaccinated – forget it. They won’t let you in!

Please not – Returning Canadians need to follow a similar protocol. Down load the ArriveCan app and follow the instructions.  For more info check out one of our earlier blogs.

canada to open border

As in a tale of two cities, we have now the tale of two philosophies. With Trumpites, Republicans, Fox news types, some bible thumpers, and the lunatic fringe, who all show a disdain to vaccinate it appears the world at large has decided to ignore them. The science is irrefutable – The vaccines work. If you want to travel you will need to be vaccinated. If not expect most of the world to refuse you entry.

For all of you Snowbirds – who all tend to be in the “high risk” category, make sure you are fully vaccinated before travelling. Presently southern US states such as Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi etc., which have the lowest vaccinations rates are having a Covid (delta variant) surge.  The ICU’s are filling up and the fatalities are climbing – all with those not vaccinated.

Might we repeat – do not travel unless you are fully vaccinated and even if you are – stay away from the Covid hot spots. Being a snowbird is fun, but only if you are alive to enjoy it!


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